The Indonesian archipelago is located along the equator and is part of the region called ‘The Ring of Fire’, named for the high number of active volcanoes running along the continental shelves. One of more than 18,000 islands in Indonesia, the Hindu enclave of Bali attracts visitors from all over the world.

On land, it is the beautiful landscapes and unique Hindu culture that impresses visitors. Underwater though, it is the enormous biodiversity, with more than 1,200 different species making Bali one of the top diving locations worldwide!

Nautilus Diving Bali provides a wide range of professional dive services!
Our team of guides, dive masters and dive instructors will ensure that you enjoy an amazing dive experience in Bali.

If you are interested in snorkeling which is a safer way to discover the underwater life join our snorkel team.

We believe that safety and individual care for our dive guests is a matter of principle!

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Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary

tenyearsanniversaryThis year will be our 10 Years Anniversary of operating as a dive company in Bali.
We would like to let our guest be part of the celebrations and therefor come up with Special Offers throughout the entire year 2020.

Please see below what kind of Discounted Rates we currently are offering and drop us an email to secure your spaces.

The following rates are valid for all bookings received before September 16th 2020 and a minimum of at least 2 persons on the same trip at the same time.

– Tulamben – IDR 950.000/pax
– Padang Bai – IDR 1.100.000/pax
– Candi Dasa – IDR 1.200.000/pax

– 3-days Safari – US$ 450/pax
– 5-days Safari – US$ 790/pax

Scuba Diving Courses

diving-for-kidsIf you wish to complete a beginner course or continue your education, here you find all the information needed.

Theory sections of all courses can conveniently be completed online, before your arrival in Bali, which will safe you study time in your holiday, which is called eLearning.
Here you find out how it works and how to getting enrolled.

Dive Sites

dive safarisThe dive sites of Bali offer a tremendous variety of diving, most of which is appropriate for beginners but some sites are for the experienced divers only!

Explore a wreck or try to catch a glimpse of an Oceanic Sunfish; dive at night or take some of the most amazing underwater photographs imaginable; go with the drift or visit an octopus’s garden!

Dive Safaris


dive safarisAll dive sites of Bali can be reached from anywhere on the island by a short car ride. You will be picked up in the morning and be transferred to the dive site over-land, or by boat where required, enjoy a day of great diving and return to your hotel in the afternoon.


dive safarisHere are some round trips we have put together for your convenience! Feel free to choose the one best suiteed to your personal timeframe!


customized safarisShould you wish to customize your excursion to match your personal idea of a holiday, we will be happy to take care of all the organization and logistics needed to make it happen.

Customized Course Schedule

You might be obliged to follow a pretty tough or inflexible work schedule, but at the same time would like to enjoy something relaxing and adventurous by attending a dive course.
Being unavailable for a couple of days may not be an option, but we will happily match the course schedule to your personal requirements.
Whether you are permanently living in Bali, or are visiting more than once with a couple of weeks break in between… No problem!

massgesneiderteEvening classes?
Weekend classes?
Split up course components?
Only available certain days?
Just tell us what your options are and we will make it fit!