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Waterproof Accessories


- Made from heavy duty 500D PVC coated tarpaulin
- High frequency welding system
- IP66 - 100% waterproof, dustproof and dirtproof
- Quick submersion into water is ok
- Great for outdoor activities and water sports

10 liter Sling-Bag

- Dimension: 40cm height x 20cm diameter
- Colors: black, yellow, blue, and red

Price: Rp 180.000



20 liter Sling-Bag

- Dimension: 60cm height x 23cm diameter
- Colors: black, yellow, blue, and red

Price: Rp 270.000



35 liter Backpack

- Dimension: 70cm height, 35cm x 18cm base
- Colors: black/grey and yellow/black
- With ergonomic shoulder padding for comfort
- Simple 2 ways roll sealing system - on top or sideways
- Good to carry load up to 6kg

Price: Rp 550.000

Universal Waterproof Handphone Pouch


- Color: transparent blue
- Dimension 19cm x 12cm
- IP68 - 100% waterproof, dustproof and dirtproof
- Up to 10m waterproof
- Made from heavy duty 0.33mm PVC
- Complete with armband and neck strap
- Compatible with Iphones, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, Xiaomi,   Oppo, compact digital camera, passport, etc.
- Great for jogging, fishing, diving, swimming, hiking, cycling, kayaking, etc.

Price: Rp 100.000

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Well maintained dive equipment is the guarantee for enjoyable, safe and hassle-free diving...
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master scuba diver
Nautilus Diving Bali is proud to support DAN Asia-Pacific
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If you wish to have a vehicle available whilst in Bali contact our car rental service ADI JAYA.
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